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Explanation of Inverter Technology

Air Conditioner with Full DC Inverter Technology

All air conditioners with inverter are outfitted with an inverter compressor that allows the compressor to run at different speeds, gradually reaching cooling temperature at start up.

BUT not all inverter aircons are the same. #BraggingRights


3-INVERTERS-IN-1. Unlike regular inverter air conditioners, an air conditioner with Full DC Inverter has DC components (hence 'Full DC'), which means all components (compressor, fan motor and inverter module) operate with direct current, and has the ability to modulate its operation, reducing wastage of energy. Needless to say, the Full DC technology brings down the EER of the air conditioner.

DUAL FAN-MOTOR SYSTEM. Aircons with Full DC technology such as the Hitachi WINDOW-TYPE RA-HV models have dual fan motors with one fan motor assigned to the condenser (i.e., blowing or releasing heat into outdoor air) and the other to the evaporator (i.e., extracting heat from the air and adding it to the refrigerant flow). This system varies the speed needed for both its condenserand evaporator. On the other hand, a single fan motor system performs the job for both the condenser and the evaporator making its operation at its maximum capacity and running at constant speed all the time, therefore entailing more energy consumption.

#SoQuiet You Can Only Feel it!

HITACHI AIRCONDITIONERS particularly the WINDOW-TYPE with Full DC Inverter Technology or the RA-HV series, have more to offer. It has a QUIET OPERATION setting that makes it run so quietly, one could only feel the cooling comfort it brings.

What is EER?

Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER is the standard industry index of calculating the operational efficiency of an air conditioner. It is the ratio of an air conditioning unit's cooling capacity (kj/h) and the power input (W). For example, if an air conditioning unit has a cooling capacity of 10600 kj/h and a power input of 785, then its EER will be 13.5.

Factoring in cost of aircondition units

Let's say that you are given a choice between two 10,000 kilojoules air conditioning units. One has an EER of 8.3 and consumes 1,200 watts, and the other has an EER of 10 and consumes 1,000 watts. Let's also say that the price difference is $100. To calculate what the payback period is on the more expensive unit, you need to know:

Approximately how many hours per year the unit will be operating?
What the rate of a kilowatt-hour (kWh) is in your area?

Let's also say that you plan to use a room AC in the summer (approximately five months a year, depending on where you live) and it will be operating around eight hours a day. Say that the cost of a kilowatt-hour in your area is approximately $0.10. The difference in energy consumption between the two units is 200 watts, which means that every five hours, the less expensive unit will consume 1 additional kWh (and therefore $0.10 more) than the more expensive unit.

Assuming that there are 30 days in a month, you find that during the summer you are operating the air conditioner:

5 mo. x 30 days/mo. x 8 hr/day = 1200 hours
[(1200 hrs x 200 watts) / (1000 watts/kW)] x $0.10/kWh = $24.00

Since the more expensive unit costs approximately $100 more, this means that it will take about four years for the more expensive unit to break even.

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Hitachi manufactures newest AC lineup locall

February 09, 2016 - Business Mirror

This year, Hitachi furthers its commitment by providing outstanding products and services to its customers.

Through the years, Hitachi remains a strong and independent company, bringing the latest air conditioning technology. Quality and consistency are the key in making their outstanding units.

The new window type inverter compact for instance is lighter but still has the full direct-current (DC) inverter performance. Sometimes, the provision on the window-type inverter is too small, most especially in condominium buildings – either building owners will not allow adjustments, but if they do, would charge an additional cost.

Hitachi has come up with an innovative solution for its valued customers, who are having difficulty installing bulk window type air conditioning units.

The new Hitachi window inverter comes with RA-08HVQ, which has 0.8 Horsepower (Hp); and RA-10HVQ, which has 1 Hp capacity. With its compact size, this still has its best performance by providing high energy efficiency ratio and lower power consumption.

To see the difference in installation dimension, the current RA-08HVQ has a provision of 60 by 40 centimeters, while the new RA-10HVQ has of 47 by 34 cm. These models use R410-A refrigerant that is environment-friendly.

Another product in the lineup made with Hitachi's core innovation principle is the Royal DC inverter (a kind of split air conditioner), manufactured in Hitachi's local assembly plant in Subic, Zambales. This outdoor unit lineup has a capacity from 0.8 Hp up to 2.5 Hp.

Hitachi is always providing all the full advantages and benefits to its valued customers, and is constantly improving its service response, and developed a regular training program for its authorized installers and service providers, and further improve spare parts availability for quicker and more accessible response time.

The new Hitachi set-free inverter (a kind of variable-refrigerant flow air conditioner) has a new home; they have finally brought in the most advanced air conditioner unit to the Philippines, giving pride and honor to the country. It's main assembly plant in Subic, Zambales manufactures residential air conditioners and large-capacity package units not only for the Philippines market, but also for exporting, reaching as far as the Middle East region.

Hitachi introduces 3 world-class innovations

February 09, 2016 - The Philippine Star

Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Philippines Inc. launched its newest array of residential and commer-cial air conditioning products during its 2016 Dealers Convention held at the SMX Convention Center in the Mall of Asia last Jan. 26.

Among the latest innovations were the window type and compact window type air conditioners, both with Full DC Inverter Technology. Unique only to Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Philippines., the In-verter Compact Window Type (0.8 – 1.0 HP) is specially designed to fit into anyone's residential condo-minium.

In photo are (from left) Paul Chen, CEO of Hitachi Air Conditioning Products (Phils) Inc.; Jeng, Wen-Pu, general manager, Taiwan Hitachi Co., Ltd.; Yokoyama Hidenori, president, Taiwan Hitachi Co., Ltd.; Satoru Yamamoto, senior manager, Hitachi Appliances Inc. and Steve Chang, general manager, Taiwan Hitachi Co., Ltd.

Bringing together Japanese technology, Taiwanese design and the masterful craftsmanship of Filipinos to form the ideal air conditioning products, Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Philippines showcased Hi-tachi's advancements in air conditioning technology in a brief presentation and later even gave away several air conditioning units as raffle prizes.

"Almost all our units are manufactured in Subic and this is a good opportunity to distinguish Hitachi from the others," said Wen-Yang Lan, Hitachi marketing manager. "Regarding our service, we can sup-ply our products and service parts more sufficiently to nearby customers because many of our com-petitors do not have the same advantage."

Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Philippines toured dealers around the Hitachi air conditioning plant in Subic Bay last Jan. 27. Dealers witnessed the manufacturing process of air conditioning up close while also being briefed about the plant's operation procedures.

Hitachi established its manufacturing facility in Subic in 1996 but it was not formally opened until 1998.

Up-to-date with the world's cutting edge technology, the plant produces all of Hitachi's air condition-ing products and supplies to Asian countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, the Middle East and Hong Kong.

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Omnibus Catalog 2019
RA-06SR0.6Window Type Deluxe (Remote)Conventional640011.1
RA-08SR0.8Window Type Deluxe (Remote)Conventional880011.7
RA-10SR1Window Type Deluxe (Remote)Conventional970010.8
RA-15SR1.5Window Type Deluxe (Remote)Conventional1280011.2
RA-20SR2Window Type Deluxe (Remote)Conventional1910010
RA-08HVQ0.8Compact Window Type (Remote)Inverter880013.2
RA-10HVQ1Compact Window Type (Remote)Inverter1035012.3
RA-15HV1.5Window Type (Remote)Inverter1300012.4
RA-20HV2Window Type (Remote)Inverter1860012
RAC-08RD/RAS-08RD0.8Split TypeConventional900011.5
RAC-10RD/RAS-10RD1Split TypeConventional1060010.8
RAC-15RD/RAS-15RD1.5Split TypeConventional1320010.6
RAC-20RD/RAS-20RD2Split TypeConventional1930010.5
RAC-25RD/RAS-25RD2.5Split TypeConventional2540010.3
RAC-08HT/RAS-08HTP0.8Split TypeInverter900015.5
RAC-10HT/RAS-10HTP1Split TypeInverter1150013.8
RAC-15HT/RAS-15HTP1.5Split TypeInverter1558014.6
RAC-19HT/RAS-19HTP2Split TypeInverter1900014.3
RAC-24HT/RAS-24HTP2.5Split TypeInverter2394014.2

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