Hitachi with full DC inverter


Our #BraggingRights include Three Inverter Components, Two Fan Motors, Electronic Expansion Valve and Quiet Operation!


How does the 3 inverter components bring down power consumption?

Compared to other brands' two inverter components, HITACHI introduces THREE inverter components to ensure that the air cooling unit's operation isn't as rigorous, thus consuming less energy. This is the ultimate benefit & promise of HITACHI's revolutionary Full DC Inverter Technology.

How does the two fan motors make the operation more efficient?

One fan motor is assigned to the condenser and the other to the evaporator. Unlike other brands that use only one fan motor for the entire air cooling operation thus entailing more energy consumption (because the system runs at constant speed & maximum capacity all the time), the dual fan motor system of HITACHI saves more energy by varying the speed needed for operating both condenser & evaporator.


#SoQuiet You Can Only Feel It!

HITACHI's Quiet Operation is a new innovation for people who need real comfort without compromises. The unit has a built-in low-to-zero mechanism that makes it run so quietly one could only feel the cooling comfort it brings. But don't just take our word for it- try it to believe it!


Now available in all leading appliance stores nationwide