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By providing the tools, helpful tips, and the latest news on energy efficiency, eer.ph aims to support government and private-sector efforts on educating the public about wise energy use.

Energy efficiency is a day-to-day business. It all starts with making good appliance choices.

For example, an appliance with a lesser price but lower Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) may pose as a "better deal" but it won't really benefit you in the long run. On the other hand, when you buy the ones with a higherEER, you get better performance from your purchase with lesser energy consumption which translates toyour savings and less dependence on energy.Better to look for the EER rather than just the purchasing price.

Want to compare two or more different appliances? Try the Consumption Calculator.

Energy efficiency is everybody's business. Even kids need to learn the value of energy efficiency andfinancial savings to grow up into conscientious individuals. As for us adults, it is our duty to give a good example in these matters.